The Ultimate Version of The Distributed System Is The Internet

The Ultimate Version of The Distributed System Is The Internet

It is worth knowing that the Internet is the biggest example of distributed system – very large and agile one. It is a model wherein components are located on networked PCs to co-ordinate and communicate their actions by conveying messages. Servers are added and deleted from this network on a continuous basis. Apps that exist in this environment are to be capable of functioning in partial failure mode in the form of missing systems and non-existent machine addresses.


A few of these systems constitute the basic commercial environments for companies utilizing their own Web sites. Such e-commerce systems have rigorous reliability and safety requirements. We are going to consider the problems peculiar to this kind of environment. It won’t be an exhaustive overview, since we will simply briefly outline how such systems need to be tested.


Well, “Web pages” that are browsed on the screen contain data through bulleted text using HTML or XML, and behavior through scripted functions implemented in a scripting language such as JavaScript. In most cases, these web pages allow the user to enter input, make calculations, and get output. This browser is an extensible program that is able to recognize when the data which it has delivered require an additional application program to process them as needed. These “plug-in” modules dynamically expand the functionality to such an extent that the browser changes the runtime environment.


Web app testing services are provided by Ukrainian highly qualified specialists so that to make sure that web browsers adequately support web standards or related specifications on different platforms.  


What is Web page testing for? In fact, it means testing that the necessary information is displayed on the user’s screen, that the input is received and sent to an expecting application appropriately, and that all actions are carried out as expected. Display issues arise in the following cases:


  • incorrect fonts displaying;
  • discrepancy of coordinates, due to which the image is invisible;
  • non-conformity of browser display properties and platform configuration;
  • wrong language is chosen or different languages are ​​used to display various sections of the text.


There are fragments of program codes embedded in the displayed file, including single script files. Browsers can instantly execute programs written in such programming languages like Java. And the Java version of the game “Brickles” is executed as an applet in the browser. The browser itself and common plug-in modules fall into the category of “trusted” programs. The testing objectives are the contents of the data being displayed plus nested and external script files.


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