Testing on Real Mobile Devices

Testing on Real Mobile Devices

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In an ideal world, each website needs to be tested on each popular mobile device on which screens its mobile version can be viewed.  Without doubt, testing on the real devices has lots of advantages:


  • testing is carried out in the production environment;
  • testing is done on real operating system using factory settings;
  • actual performance of a device is simpler in comparison with other web options;
  • simplicity of compatibility testing;
  • the ease of reproducing errors;
  • testing can be done at different display brightness and screen resolution;
  • possibility to test such functions as push-notification, geolocation and page orientation, Wi-Fi connection;
  • testing device operation with incoming interrupts (sms and calls) enabled;
  • testing operation of low-battery device.


Unfortunately, our world is not perfect. Testing website on the read devices has many disadvantages:


  • there are a multitude of mobile phones;
  • it is an expensive and painstaking procedure;
  • even with wide range of mobile devices available in your company, employees working at other offices and remote workers won’t be able to access all the gadgets;
  • costly maintenance of a mobile device;
  • online mobile testing on the real devices.


So we need to find another way to test a mobile website. The one way is to use mobile app testing service from Testmatick team if your problem needs an immediate and careful attention. There are special tools that provide testing access to huge number of real mobile devices. One of these tools is considered below:


Keynote Mobile Testing (former Keynote DeviceAnywhere)


Keynote Mobile Testing is enterprise SaaS solution, a cloud-based platform for testing performance, functionality, usability and availability of mobile websites. It comes with a large collection of mobile gadgets in its library and offers interactive and live testing.


Definitely, it is not just a tool for testing mobile web pages. But if we accept Keynote Mobile Testing as this tool then we need to mention the following advantages:


  • real mobile web networks and Wi-Fi;
  • one-day-maintenance for new devices.

This tool automatically generates the list of mobile devices based on coverage criteria:


  • memory, central processing unit, manufacturers, OS version, operator, etc.
  • detailed database on functionality of device and operating system;
  • easy-to-use master will help you quickly determine the best devices for development and testing purposes.


Some disadvantages of Keynote Mobile Testing:


  • does not verify device performance;
  • does not support device reservation state.

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