The Essence of Requirement Formulation Process

The Essence of Requirement Formulation Process

Most software development projects are started to try to satisfy certain business needs. These may include replacement of an existing system or use of an entirely new system. Among the customers can be any department of your company, a separate company or agency that concludes a contract with you for the execution of works. A mass production market with active demand for ready-made software products can also be a customer. Customer needs can be represented by a set of requirements, where the requirement is understood as a description of what the system can do, or a description of certain operating conditions that must be provided for the system to perform its tasks. Requirements define what the system should do, but not how it should do it. It means that it defines the customer’s tasks and business processes, but not how the solution is achieved.


We need to examine the requirement formulation process from the point of view of testing specialists who draw up test plans in the early stages of development, seek to find defects in the requirements themselves to prevent an avalanche of errors from being propagated to later stages of development.


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Use static testing method to verify the completeness, consistency, feasibility and suitability of the requirements and confirm that the requirements meet the user’s needs

A customer survey is conducted to identify the requirements that he defines for the software product. Requirements are gathered in the form of questions and answers. Slides, mock-ups and prototypes are used to offer the customer various options. Customer feedbacks are gathered through a series of interviews or by using FAST (Facilitated Application Specification Techniques), – a special type of customer interviews – which facilitates the identification of user requirements.


As the user provides feedback, the requirements must be captured in a written format, thus, the requirements definition document is created. This document lists requirements gathered during interviews with the customer. It is an agreement between the customer and the manufacturing organization, containing information about the product to be created. The requirement definition document is written in natural language, which is understandable both to the customer and to the teams that develop and maintain the system.


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