Complexities of the Development

Cause-Effect Graphing

Software developers themselves can test vulnerable components of a software product, and do this work better than anyone else. It is necessary to gather software development team members together and ask them to answer the questions below. (Though this approach does not guarantee that testing will find all the defects the team members usually accept that the most probable areas need to be evaluated against less failure-sensitive functions.


Which of the functional requirements are incomplete or absent?


How can the developer conclude that the module behaves in the right way, if the main functionality of the module is not completely understood? This provides extensive opportunities for interpretation and unforeseen effects.


What feature was really difficult to design and implement?


Sometimes the developer has to work hard. Some tests are used to check this feature, because the developer definitely has blind spots in their decisions and can miss functions in apps. The developer could make some erroneous assumptions.


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In addition, the developer gets a lot of assistance from other specialists, therefore any existing problems, most likely, will be difficult to identify.


What was easy to design and implement?


Developers happen to find some tasks so obvious and intuitive that they get out of this work and do not do anything to ensure adequate development and testing processes. The tester should not forget about the component of software just because it is easy to implement.


Which components were reused?


Not all components can be relevant to any case. Reusable components may not provide all the necessary functionality in the new environment. It should be ensured that reusable components do not cause undesirable side effects.


Was the software architecture changed? If so, which modules were affected?

Any changes in high-level design can have impact on the scope of low-level modules.


Are there “candidates” for memory leaks?


Many running applications are closed due to memory depletion. It should be established whether there are such memory-eating modules.


Are there inadequate resources, such as inadequate speed or memory?


A serious factor can be the throughput. You need to determine which types of temporary tests and data size tests will work.

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