Human Factors and Testing

Software Testing Fundamentals

A famous and talented American software engineer claims that the personal qualities of the actors and the relationships established in the team represent a reserve for improving the effectiveness of the software. In other words, the human factor has a much greater impact on software efficiency than any other single factor. The professor of computer science proves this assertion by applying the СОСОМО model to estimate the effort of the system analyst and programmer, while the performance of each of them changed fourfold. As the experience accumulated by the authors shows, such a performance spread is possible during the test process, during the development of tests and even during the test run (i.e., when uncovering defects). If there is an intention to identify the factor that has the greatest impact on your team’s ability to perform software testing quickly and efficiently, in this regard, you will first need to examine the business and personal qualities of the test group members.


A tester should have certain personal qualities in order to successfully cope with his duties. We should make a list of errors that lead to a decrease in the testing effectiveness & efficiency that testers tend to make. In addition, a number of survey technologies aimed at testing specialists need to be considered.


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The qualities that a testing specialist must have in order to successfully cope with his duties


There are prominent representatives among the testers who can be deservedly marked down as software testing specialists. However, the more common example of a highly skilled group is that which consists of specialists possessing different skills. Click here to get acquainted with a list of qualities that an ideal tester should have. It should be realized that while no person can be the bearer of all the necessary qualities, the test group, being a single unit, can embody the maximum possible number of required qualities. This list is based on experience and observations, but not at all on reliable data obtained during a scientific research project; perhaps, there will be a desire to draw your own portrait of the ideal tester, using the proposed list as a starting point.

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