Giving Definitions to Performance of Software Program

Giving Definitions to Performance of Software Program

Many experienced users consider the performance of the program to be one of its most important characteristics. There are several definitions of software performance.


  • Speed at which software programs can operate, i.e. their execution speed, namely how long does it take for them to perform standard tasks. For example, how quickly does a word processor move to the end of the file?
  • User productivity. This characteristic refers to the speed at which larger tasks are executed. For example, how long does it take for a user to enter and print a letter?
  • The feeling of productivity. How fast does the program seem to the user?


In any case, the performance of a high-speed program with an unsuccessful user interface seems slower than it actually is.


No warnings about long-term operations


If the program takes more than a few seconds to perform the next action, it must inform the user about it and indicate the expected duration of the process so that he can plan his own time. In addition, you must provide the user with the ability to cancel the command.


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Lack of progress indicators


It is advisable to follow very long assignments with indicators specifying which part of the work has already been done and what else has been left.


Time-out problems


Some programs limit the time allocated to the user for data entry. With the exception of arcade games, there are hardly any cases in which such a restriction is really necessary.

Time-outs can be not only too short, but also too long. For instance, before executing any long task in the program, there may be a pause, during which the user can cancel this job. If the pause is too long, it slows down the operation.

In addition, one and the same time-out for some people waiting for it to end may seem long, while others who enter data may find it too short.


Annoying program


Bip! Are you sure?

Bip! Your disk is 85% full. Please, free up the disk space as soon as possible.

Bip! Are you really sure?

Bip! In the last hour you have never saved the text.

Bip! Your disk is 86% full. Please, free up the space as soon as possible.

Bip! Please, re-enter your password.

Bip! You have not entered anything for ten minutes. Please, get out of the system.

Bip! Your disk is 86% full. Please, free up the drive space as soon as possible.

Bip! You have not replied to 14 messages.


Reminders, warnings and questions, of course, are useful, but there must be moderation in everything, so bear this in mind.


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