Software Development Process Commandments

Software Development Process Commandments

There are ingredients that should be looked for in any effective process:


  • Compliance Criteria. How will we know that software meets its requirements? What are the objective compliance criteria associated with each requirement and all of them?
  • Responsibility. Who is accountable for what and when?
  • Exit criterion. How will we know when a certain piece of software will be ready to proceed to the next stage of the development process? What are objective and tangible signs of completion?
  • Entry criterion. How will we know that this piece of software will meet the conditions required to go to the next stage of the development process? This specification is not redundant at all. A program component can go through many stages or be used by many other different components, each of which has its own entry criteria. As a rule, the exit criterion of a component is the union of all the entry criteria for this component.
  • Analysis. Analysis is the engineering process by which design progresses that satisfies requirements (which results in complete requirements as an input data set). It can be fully intuitive or totally formal. Intuitive analysis, often effective, cannot, however, be easily understood by other people, and therefore, any formal, often mathematical analysis is necessary, even just for a past period.
  • Design. This is all that deals with the heart of the matter, isn’t it? Design must precede programming, or at least coincide with it. Engineers do design work before building a project, as doing like this is less risky. Project errors are errors in a paper, and they are much cheaper than welded steel or compiled code.
  • Design verification. How do we make sure that the project will work if we have not developed anything like this before? Verifying the design is not the same as verifying the implementation of the design. The bridges crumble because of poor designs that were not verified, and not because of bad materials and unskilled labor. The newer the design, the more important that it be verified before creation. Design verification is performed using models, prototypes and design inspection.
  • Programming. Coding a design and testing it to make sure that we created exactly what we were going to create.


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