Reasonability of Formal Testing Process

Reasonability of Formal Testing Process

It makes sense to periodically conduct a formal assessment of each aspect of the software development project. Moreover, a question may arise about the relationship between periodic formal inspections and rapid testing. Rapid testing is a method based on the fulfillment of each task in the earliest stage of the life cycle and simultaneous detection and elimination of any shortcomings that may arise in the process of resolving each task. As a rule, a formal assessment is conducted on the eve of the completion of a stage, and the objects of such assessments are results, project performance databases, schedules, lists of defects and similar documents obtained at each step in the software development process.

The goal of the formal assessment is to familiarize the individual members of the development team with assessment of results in all aspects of the development life cycle, from the management perspective. Each developer must see and understand the interdependence between all the results obtained, especially between those for which he is responsible. Each developer must see and understand which indicators contain information relevant to the work that he performs. Testing specialists should pay special attention to the components that should be verified. For example, they must focus on the delivery status of test equipment or the date of readiness for new documentation, as this information may affect test execution plan or test case development. In other words, each participant in the formal analysis evaluates results of the stage in terms of their readiness for use. While some may say that these reviews are necessary for management to monitor the progress of software development project, we look at this issue somewhat differently. Data received from the team members, along with lists of shortcomings / unresolved issues, should be compiled and streamlined by managers at different levels. This will help to transfer these data to the development team so that its members can increase their own productivity at work or improve the quality of the results obtained.

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