Learning of How to Search for Testing Job

Learning of How to Search for Testing Job

Search for a testing job should be conducted based on the keywords “Tester”, “Quality Specialist” or “QA”. QA (Quality Assurance) is the name of “Software Testing” profession. When responding to the job offer, send your CV. Below is a list of skills a potential employer looks for in the hires. If you have a skill (s) that is / are on this list, then mention it / them in your resume:


  • Programming skills, including the ability to write scripts (PowerShell or bat-files)
  • Experience of working with databases (administration and writing of requests to the database);
  • Experience with CMS (Content management system). CMS are programs that allow you to quickly create sites using pre-prepared templates (joomla, wordpress, bitrix)
  • Administration of Windows or Linux family of operating systems
  • Knowledge of English
  • Experience in writing technical documentation
  • Technical education
  • Gaming experience (only for gaming projects)


In fact, these skills are not necessary at all, but their presence will be a plus for a candidate applying for the job.


Outsourced software testing services are widely used by all-sized businesses to create outstanding quality digital products without making significant investments.


During an interview for a tester position, the following questions are usually asked:


1) How would you test a particular program? The whole point of these questions is to find out how the candidate understands the essence of testing. For some reason, it is a common misconception that a good tester must necessarily break something or cause an error in the program. This is not entirely correct. Of course, it is useful to know the weak points in the application, but first of all, you need to make sure that it correctly performs all the basic functions. For example, it is bad if the calculator breaks when dividing by zero, but it is much worse if it gives out 5 when multiplying 2 x 2. For example, you would be asked to tell how you would test the chair. A good candidate will say: “First I will sit on it and sit for 5 minutes,” the bad one will say: “I will throw it from a height of 3 meters.”

2) What will you do if you have a problem? For example, you have a laptop and a computer. Both are connected to the router. The router is connected to the Internet. The laptop has already accessed the Internet, but the computer has not. What will be your actions? The purpose of this question is to understand not only level of your knowledge, but also to know how effectively you solve problems. The best answer is: “I will try to do this and that. If it does not work out, then I will look for a solution on the Internet. If 30 minutes of searching does not work, then I will ask for help.” It is important to show here your desire to overcome the problem, to try to do it yourself first, and only then ask for help.

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